Frenchic roer houtje


Frenchic roer houtje
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**Frenchic Paint Paddles**

**Responsibly sourced, FSC certified birchwood**

Stir like a pro! Make sure your paint is well mixed with all the elements combined to provide the perfect consistency for optimum results. An essential piece of kit for any painter and suitable for all sizes of Frenchic tins, our wooden Paint Stirrer has a handy hole making it easy to hang up rather than disappearing into the depths of your tool box.

Quite naturally, over time, the ingredients of chalk paint can settle and separate to a certain degree. For best results, stir your paint thoroughly, right to the bottom of the tin, prior to each use. The longer the tin has been sitting, the more it may need. Stir right to the bottom of the tin until your paint is silky and


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