Al Fresco – Dazzle me !


Al Fresco – Dazzle me !

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Frenchic -Al Fresco – Dazzle me! Is een echte wit.
Frenchic brengt binnen naar buiten met hun Al Fresco verflijn.
De Al Fresco lijn van Frenchic is een speciale krijtverf voor buiten, en is dus volledig weer en vochtbestendig !
Ideaal om je buiten meubilair te voorzien van een zonnig kleurtje.
Maar niet alleen voor buiten kan je deze verf perfect gebruiken, ook binnen zijn de mogelijkheden eindeloos.
Bijvoorbeeld een tafelblad, je keuken, maar ook bijvoorbeeld de binnenkant van een laatje of kast kan je er mee verven.
De Al Fresco lijn is ook grondig getest en is ook Child safe gecertificeerd ( EN 71:3), dit houd in dat de verf prima geschikt is voor kindermeubilair en speelgoed.
De verf heeft geen sterke geur ( wat erg fijn is als je binnen aan het verven bent).
In de verf van Frenchic zitten geen verborgen narigheden (alle ingrediënten staan op het blik). Het is een 100% natuurlijk krijt- en mineraalverf die je niet hoeft te roeren, te schudden of waar je water aan toe hoeft te voegen. Er bevinden zich geen oplosmiddelen of vervliegende stoffen in deze verf.
Wanneer je de verf gebruikt zal je erachter komen dat deze rijk en romig is met een geweldige dekking.
Voor inspiratie kan je ook de Facebook groep Frenchic Fan forum volgen. Frenchic Fan Forum

Water based

Weatherproof, suitable for interior and exterior use
Chalk and mineral paint formulated for wooden furniture. Also suitable for laminate, powder coated radiators, UPVC, ceramic wall tiles (we recommend avoiding very wet areas like shower/bath surrounds). Here is some useful information about painting tiles. Can be used for internal walls – in this case, thinning with up to 10% tap water is advised to ease application.
Also suitable for interior wood, concrete and most laminate floors with correct application – please note that maintenance may be required in these situations.
Minimal VOC content with virtually no odour
UKCA and EN71-3 certified (safe for use on children’s toys) EN71-3:2019+A1:2021
Ingredients: Chalk, Clay, Titanium Dioxide, Resin, Talcum, Preservative
Self-priming – no primer or undercoat required
Finish – flat, almost no sheen
Self-sealing – does not require a top coat for durability
Self-levelling – meaning little to no brush marks is achievable
Mould and algae resistant


A 750ml tin will provide a single coat of up to 12.5m2. For a durable finish, a minimum of 2 coats is required, so your 750ml tin should provide full coverage for just over 6m2 on non-porous surfaces like laminate or metal. Limited Edition 500ml tins will provide a single coat of up to 8.5m2.
Always ensure you have enough paint for your whole project. When more than 1 tin of the same colour is needed, it is good practice to ensure batch numbers are identical or to intermix batches prior to commencing painting.
Porous, or ‘thirsty’ surfaces like bare wood or MDF, tend to absorb paint meaning additional coats are likely to be required to achieve a durable finish. In this case, your 750ml tin will provide less than 6m2 of full coverage. If you apply the paint too thinly, durability may be affected.
Ensure surface is in suitable condition for painting and free from grease, wax or penetrating substances. If previously painted, remove loose or flaking paint.
Surface preparation required in addition to the above – clean with Frenchic Sugar Soap, rinse and dry thoroughly. Hand-sand sufficiently to abrade the surface. Wipe off any dust, paint away! For a great demonstration, see our video.
Take care on opening the tin lid – a Frenchic tin opener is recommended
Stir thoroughly with a wide implement, such as a Paint Paddle, prior to each use
Application, drying and curing (hardening)
Avoid painting in direct sunlight, only when the air and surface temperatures are between 10oC and 32oC and humidity is less than 85%. Do not apply if, in the following 48 hours, there is likelihood of rain, frost, fog, condensation or if the temperature is likely to drop lower than 10oC. This means that certain times of the year are unsuitable for painting outside projects – as a general rule of thumb Summer is recommended.

Exterior wooden surfaces in particular can retain moisture for up to 48 hours after rainfall or preparation. Ensure the items are thoroughly dry prior to painting.
For ferrous metal, treat rust, remove any loose or flaking coatings and sand smooth – in these circumstances, we recommend 2 coats of Frenchic Finishing Coat as a base for the paint.
Apply with a good quality brush or roller. Also suitable for spraying – thin with up to 15% tap water and apply additional coat(s).

To allow self-levelling, avoid overworking the paint
Allow a minimum of 2 hours between coats (even if the paint feels touch dry).
Curing (hardening) time is up to 3 weeks in normal conditions. Treat gently until curing is complete.
For floors, to avoid damaging the finish, do not walk on the area for 4 hours after painting and then with socks for the next 7 days. Also, try to keep pet paw claws off as well during this period. Do not allow the surface to become wet for at least a week. Continue to treat with care for up to 3 weeks.

Clean up and storage

Reseal tin after use. Clean up any spills immediately with water. Wash brushes in warm, soapy water.
Do not store where the tin could be subjected to damp, frost, freezing or high temperatures.

Extra informatie


250 ml, 750 ml


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