Pentart Micro crackle varnish set 2 x 50 ml


Pentart Micro crackle varnish set 2 x 50 ml

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Pentart Micro crackle varnish set 2 x 50 ml

To start cracking, choose a soft clean and wide brush and apply step 1 to the surface with enough quantity to obtain a uniform layer.
The thicker the layer we spread, the bigger breaks will become. Then, we wait for a long time for our object to dry.
When your surface dries completely with another brush dry and clean, apply step 2 gently. After spreading it, wait for it to dry naturally. (better not to use a hairdryer because there will be many small breaks). When it dries, the cracks will have been done, however it is difficult to see why they are transparent.
In order to be able to highlight them, we must ” fill them “. There are several ways to fill them: porina, patina, wax in brown color. Whatever you choose with a brush we pass our material with very little quantity over the entire surface. With a piece of paper, wipe what is left over.
Then, we varnish our work with varnish that is based on turpentine or alcohol and not water because it destroys the work.


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