Maja’s Memories Liquid Remover


Maja’s Memories Liquid Remover
300 ml

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Maja’s Memories Liquid Remover .
Liquid remover for cleaning the surfaces. It corrodes the upper layers of objects and removes old varnishes, waxes, grease, dirt. The shiny surfaces turn into mat and porous suitable for new materials. It doesn’t foam.
USE: Wear protective gloves. Dilute 1 part of Liquid remover in 8 parts warm water or 1 part Liquid remover in 4 parts of warm water for dirtier surfaces. Apply the mixture on the surface and let it act for 5-15 min without dry. Sand the surface and rinse it with clean, wet cloth. Let the surface dry before you proceed.Cora Boeters
REMOVER is used for the thorough cleaning and removal of waxes and metalised polymers of any type that isresistant to water and alkalis. Removal can be manual or with washing tools.

REMOVER does not form foam, has an excellent detergent and de-greasing capacity against consistent or seasoned dirt andcondensed fats. It also has excellent penetrating and dissolving power on layers of waxes and meshed polymers.
A clear, bright yellow liquid with a strong smell of ammonia, non-flammable, can be diluted in water to any level. Specific weight 1.025, PH 11 – 12 t.q.
Dilute with 4 – 8 parts of hot water according to the level and type of dirt, the efficiency of the machinery used and the active time available. Spread the prepared solution on the surface and allow it to take effect for five minutes (it should not be allowed to dry), wipe with a brush. Add water if necessary, then remove the solution. Immediately rinse with pure water. Remove the water and pass with clean and slightly damp cloth.
REMOVER has a yield of about 50 ml/m².


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