Martha Stewart Gilding sheet 13,65×13,65cm x 12 Gold


Martha Stewart Gilding sheet
13,65 x 13,65 cm x12 Gold


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Martha Stewart • Gilding sheet 13,65×13,65cm x12 Gold
Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Gilding Sheets, when paired with Martha Stewart Crafts® Decoupage Gilding Adhesive, can be used create an elegant metallic finish on multiple surfaces. Packaging Contains 12 sheets; 5 3/8in x 5 3/8in.

How to apply:

Step1: Make sure that the surface is prepared by cleaning it of any dirt. It is also important to set up the workbench away from a fan or an open window so that the gilding sheets don’t fly away.

Step 2: Martha Stewart Crafts Gilding Sheets can be applied to any flat or curved surface so you can transform coaster, books, sunglasses, old jewelry or any other object. However, it is important that you tape away the area that does not need the metallic gilding. This will create crisp borders and neat shapes.

Step 3: Touching the metallic gilding sheets with oily, dirty or greasy hands will discolor or tarnish their sheen so it is advisable to protect your project by wearing crafting gloves.

Step4: Carefully remove a square gilding sheet from the pack. Each sheet has a waxed backing sheet to protect it as the sheets are very lightweight and can fly away without the backing. It is a good idea to compare the area of the surface that needs to be covered so that you can keep the exact number of sheets required. Gilding Sheets can be cut into smaller, more manageable squares for easier handling or when working on smaller surfaces. You can use scissors to cut the sheet (with the wax backing) in case you need to cover a small area.

Step 5: Using the Martha Stewart Crafts soft bristly brush apply one even thin coat of Martha Stewart Crafts Gilding Adhesive to the prepared project surface. To achieve a smooth finish and fewer brush strokes, apply Martha Stewart Gilding Adhesive in one direction and then lightly brush perpendicular to that direction while still wet.

Step 6: Let the adhesive air dry until surface feels tacky. It will take few minutes and you can see that the surface has hardened but still has glue-like resistance and is slightly sticky.

Step 6: Keeping the waxed backing and gilding sheet (or part of it) intact, carefully lay the sheet of gilding directly onto the prepared surface, keeping the backing sheet toward you, gilding sheet down. Using the waxed backing sheet as a protective layer, press and smooth the gilding sheet to the surface by gently rubbing. Lightly buff the remaining leaf off and carefully smooth the gilded area with a gloved finger.

Step 7: Lift the wax backing and gently remove it from the gilding sheet. If cracks are found, you can add more gilding to fill in the holes while the adhesive is still wet. Be careful not to disturb the gilding that you have already placed.

Step 8: It is important to burnish the surface by gently but firmly rubbing the gold leaf after it’s been applied and the medium has dried. Burnishing removes excess gilding sheet and creates a mirror-like brilliance in gilded areas. You may burnish over an open box to capture all loose particles of gilding which can be used on future projects.

Step 9: Allow the transferred gilding to air dry for few hours.

Step 10: You might like to finish the project using Mod Podge Glue, this will protect the surface and keep it fresh for a long time.


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